10-year dream comes to fruition for Ngāi Takoto

By Dean Nathan

The people of Ngāi Takoto have spent almost 10 years refurbishing and rebuilding Waimanoni Marae.  Today was the completion of their long-term aspiration.

“When our men returned from WWI, our elders of this place said you have given us victory.  Here this marae stands and we are all victorious.

So today we remember them with love,” says Akinihi Paraone Mete.

Previously was the unveiling of the dining room "He Au Tōna" to care and provide sustenance for the multitudes.

He Au Tona is the name of our dining hall.  Wikitōria is our meeting house whose name came about at the return of soldiers from war,” says Tame Kahiti Mare.

The opening of Wikitōria was also a chance to remember esteemed leaders who have passed on and for the next generation to carry on the people’s legacy.

According to Kaio Rivers, “It's now up to the next generation, our grandchildren.  I encourage them to return home to their new house because this house is for us all.”