'100 per cent', female rugby players deserve pay parity with top male players: Stacey Fluhler

By Kelvin McDonald

Olympic gold medalist and Black Fern star Stacey Fluhler wants pay parity for female rugby players as they only get 10 per cent of what the top male rugby players make.

"I think I'm playing the wrong code, I need to switch from rugby to cricket now," Fluhler jokes, referring to the landmark agreement that will see New Zealand's women's cricketers paid the same as their male counterparts. "I think it's amazing, it's been a long time coming."

"They've done it and it's something for all sports to look forward to," she says.

"I feel like rugby though, if I compare our contracts maybe five, six, seven years ago, where we were getting $20k max back then, and now we can knock on the doors of six figures, which is so amazing. It's taken that long to increase.

"So maybe in five to 10 years, when I'm retired, sadly, it'll get there and I'm hopeful," says Fluhler.

"100 per cent I think it's unfair. We do as much hard mahi as everyone else there does to do what we do. We have to live in a centralised programme, train every single day.

"I think we should definitely deserve a little bit more," she says.