101-year-old ready for first World Masters run

By Eru Paranihi

The oldest competitor at the World Masters Games has competed in her first race this weekend.  101-year-old Man Kaur is a sprinter from India and is also a Guinness World Record holder.

This matriarch is already proving that age is no barrier, she is a true champion regardless of how fast she runs.

“She's a superwoman because in this age, and the condition of her spine it is very difficult.  It is a case of Guinness book of Records.  Running with a bent spine is a case of Guinness book of records at age 101,” says son Gurdev Singh who is also her translator.

Kaur started competing at the age of 93 and has gone on to win 20 medals.  Her secret to competing is a good healthy lifestyle which she encourages many to embrace.

"The children should go in the company of good people.  First thing, they should eat good food, no fried food, and no junk food.  They should exercise well."

Being the oldest competitor in the world also comes with worldwide attention.

“Being famous is a different thing, feeling famous is a different thing.  We are not worried about being famous, we are doing our job, [so] let people do their job.”

Despite all the attention on her, Kaur is not the slightest bit nervous ahead of her first race.

"She's feeling really happy, she's waiting for when she'll run on the track.  So, she will go to the track on Thursday."

Kaur is expected to add to her 20 medals over the weekend in both the 100m and 200m events.