13 new cases: 12 from community outbreak and one in managed isolation

By Te Ao - Māori News

There are 13 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 to report, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said at today's media briefing.

Twelve of the new cases are in the community and one is in managed isolation.

The new case in managed isolation is a child who arrived in NZ on 3 August from Afghanistan via Dubai. The person has been in managed isolation at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland and tested negative around day 3 of the isolation period and subsequently positive at around day 12.  They have been transferred to the Auckland quarantine facility now.

The 12 cases in the community are all Auckland based and according to current Ministry of Health information none has travelled outside the Auckland region recently, Dr Bloomfield said.

From early investigations, all have a connection to the existing outbreak as close contacts of cases already reported. 

Two of the new cases are household contacts of the case previously reported of the GP in Mt Wellington that is still under investigation.

All the other new community cases are epidemiologically linked to the cluster.

Dr Bloomfield said there are currently three people receiving hospital-level care.

Two are in Auckland City Hospital on a ward and one is in Middlemore Hospital on a ward as well. One is the person previously reported as being in hospital, one has been admitted overnight from the Auckland quarantine facility and one person connected to the community outbreak, who was in the community, has also been admitted to hospital, he said. 

To date, 66 people linked to the cluster have been moved into the Auckland quarantine facility, including 29 people who have tested positive.

The total number of active cases is 69, of which 49 are from the community outbreak and a further 20 are imported cases that are in the quarantine facility. 

Of the 49 cases in the community outbreak, all but three have already been linked to the cluster, Dr Bloomfield said. The other three are household contacts and relate to the one case previously reported that is still under investigation.  However, all the evidence suggests they will be able to be linked to this same cluster, he said.