$1.6m fund aimed at medley of Māori suicide prevention initiatives

By Jessica Tyson

Whānau, hapū and iwi and other Māori organisations can apply for up to $100,000 to help fund their own suicide prevention initiatives.

It’s part of a $1.6 million fund made available by the National Centre for Māori Suicide Prevention, Te Au, to build the capacity of Māori to prevent suicide within communities and respond effectively if and when a suicide occurs, spokesperson Tio Sewell says.

“Whānau Māori, hapū, iwi or a Māori organisation are able to apply for the Māori Suicide Prevention Prevention fund for sums between $10,000 and $100,000 to develop and implement initiatives over the coming year.”

Māori will be able to apply for initiatives that will encourage a focus on wellbeing, provide support to Māori who are experiencing suicide risk or are bereaved by suicide; and build inclusive Māori communities and strengthen resilience.

“So that may be hui ā-whānau, hui ā-hapori, wānanga, events. So, if people are passionate and committed about making a change for our people to develop their wellbeing, then we are interested in their ideas to support that,” Sewell says.

The funding will also go towars raising awareness about available supports and resources as well as increasing support to whānau known to be at higher risk of suicidal distress.

Whānau and hapū can apply for up to $10,000, Māori community groups can apply for up to $25,000, iwi and Māori organisations can apply for up to $50,000 and regional and national collaboratives of Māori organisations can apply for up to $100,000.

Applications are open until the end of July.   

Helping groups:

Lifeline 0800 543 354

Suicide Crisis Help Line 0508 828 865

Healthline 0800 611 116

Key to Life 0800 2 KORERO

Youthline 0800 376 633

Parent Help 0800 568 856

Gambling Help Line 0800 654 655

Family Violence Help Line 0800 456 450

Alcohol and Drug Help Line: 0800 787 797

Financial, Family and

Debt Help Directory: www.familyservices.govt.nz