20-month-old dies from brain bleed after a fall at childcare centre

Parents looking for closure after their 20-month-old boy died from a brain bleed after picking him up from childcare centre in a dazed state. Beaudene Wi and Ricardo Miranda were at the hospital hours later when they heard from the preschool who then explained their son, Lorenzo Miranda had taken a fall that day.

"Nobody told me anything when I went to pick him up, so we had no clue, we were just handed over our baby that had a brain bleed and we didn't know," says Lorenzo's father Ricardo.

The police and the coroner are investigating, as Lorenzo's parents are desperate for answers. Native Affairs reporter Iulia Leilua uncovered the story and told Kawekōrero that the parents haven't yet been given the answers they need for closure.

"He was buried next to his Chilean great-grandmother, and his Chilean great-grandfather actually gave him his spot because bought the two plots together and he's been going there for the last 20 years cleaning the grave and just very sad to see them there, as well as Lorenzo's Māori whānau," says Leilua. 

The family chose to speak out about his death publicly with the hope that in the future, incidents like this will be reported in a way that assists families dealing with accidents that happen with their children during school hours.

"Apparently no one saw him fall but that doesn't mean to say that the parents couldn't have been alerted to that fact he was found on the floor, on a lino floor in between an adult table and chair on his back crying," says Leilua.