200-year-old Tainui waka damaged in Museum fire

Doors remain open at Hamilton's Waikato Museum, despite a fire last night. 

Damaged in the fire was a 200-year-old waka, Te Winika, which was found near Ngāruawāhia 70 years ago. Tainui's representative at the museum, Tame Pokaia, says that restoration work will now have to be carried out.

“What we need to do now is just get on with it and make the repairs, in order to preserve the canoe.”

The fire started at about 10pm. There are now concerns for Tainui treasures still housed in the museum, but Tame Pokaia says that we should not be worried.  

It is not known how the fire started, investigations continue. The museum will remain open while repairs on damaged items continue.