2013 Galaxy Touch Tournament

By Wikitōria Day

The Annual Galaxy Touch Tournament is an event that has been running in Auckland for 26 years.

The event has evolved since its inception. Yesterday, people arrived in Auckland from near and far to showcase their touch skills.

Peter Walters is ecstatic to still be seeing the large number of players and family involved.

Walters can clearly see that there are some young talented players emerging in the touch world.

“Everywhere around the motu there are lots of talent coming through and this sport, especially with Māori, they really take to the skill. Throwing the ball around and interception and all that stuff.”

Twins, Sean and Callum Law are some of many who have been nurtured by Walters. They were also fortunate enough to earn a place in the NZ U17's touch team this year.

The pair played for the Auckland Galaxy team this weekend.

However, this isn't the first time they have played together. They believe that without the guidance of their coaches, they wouldn't have reached the level they are now at.

Even though the twins have achieved what they wished during this tournament, they know what their desires are, as we draw closer to the New Year.

Play hard and enjoy it!