28th Māori Battallion begins winding down

However, the association says this is not the end of the 28th Māori Battalion as a whole, because the legacy will forever live on.

They've returned as the curtain is drawn on their association.

Former soldier, Matt Te Pou says “this is a very important part of the winding up of the 28th Maori battalion association, 2010 they had a hui and they passed the resolution that the banner will lie in the museum in Waiouru and in time the patu will also lay here”

The greenstone was gifted in 2000 by Tahu Potiki Hopkins of D Company. 

Each of the association's presidents have held the mere, but now it will lay at the National New Zealand Army museum.

So the mauri of the 28th Māori Battalion Association will remain but what now for the association?

While the survivors of the 28th Māori Battalion, continue to fade they will forever be remembered.