30 years marks the passing of legendary Māori performer Tui Teka - Feature

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

When it comes to entertainment, singing and comedy, there was no other than Prince Tui Teka.  He took the spotlight in the 80's and the day before yesterday, on January 23 marked 30 years since his passing.

Former ‘Māori Premieres’ performer, Toko Pompey remembers Prince Tui Teka as a true star performer. 

“When this man started to sing we had struck pay dirt, he was great a true entertainer on any stage, in all the clubs,” says Mr Pompey.

Mr Pompey was shattered at the passing of Tui Teka, but what hit him harder was the accident which killed Missy Teka in 2008.

“He was taken far too early, as for his beautiful wife Missy Teka, she died in an accident at Mangatāwhiri not too far from my home, the fire brigade informed me the victim was a Māori woman.”

Since the Māori showband era, when Prince Tui Teka was the ultimate all-rounder there have been many who followed in his footsteps but none who could fill the Prince's jandals.