33 jobs saved as The Warehouse Kaikohe remains open

By Raniera Harrison

The Warehouse and the landlord of the retailers' Kaikohe branch have extended their property lease for another two years, allowing the store to remain open.

This follows intense political scrutiny at the prospective loss of 33 permanent full-time and part-time jobs in the small Northland community.

New Zealand's largest general merchandise chain has done a dramatic U-turn on its position with its Kaikohe store.

The Warehouse has signed a two-year property lease extension with a Kerikeri businessman, securing the 33 permanent team members at the store.

It was a welcome reprieve for staff who were informed yesterday that the branch would close for the winter if it could not find a new location to operate.

"It's not just the 33 jobs that were on the line here.  Think about the women, the men and the children.  If that was to happen, if it was to close it would be doing Kaikohe the ultimate disservice," says Minister of Regional Development, Shane Jones.

The current property lease agreement signed this afternoon gives security until at least 2020.