50 years of tītī and pūhā celebrated at Koroneihana

updated By Taroi Black

Whānau of Te Awamarahi Marae have been providing the delicacy of tītī and pūhā to the multitudes at the annual Koroneihana celebrations for 50 years now.

The marae is renowned for their hospitality and their support to the Koroneihana and Tūrangawaewae Marae.

Ringawera Te Rewa Jewel Tomoana says, “Every year we will look to this time. It's like another 50 years where we have an opportunity to catch up with each other.”

The tīti tent has reached its 50-year milestone. They have an intergenerational commitment by Te Awamarahi whānau who have dedicated their time and energy to Te Kiingitanga.

Hineaopounamu King says, “We were born the year after. So in 1970 and so seeing our rangatahi here as well and then the mokomokos as well. So it's a beautiful thing to see.”

This family tradition was encouraged by the late Te Puea Herangi, a member of Te Kiingitanga.

Koroneihana stalwart Miriama Turner says, “It doesn't feel any different to us. Koroneihana was always a special time for us and we came to the marae our kaupapa and it's just grown differently over the years. I remember seeing buses lined up on King St...buses out the front. It's very different now.”

The chiller is packed with buckets of tītī, creating over a 1000 meals for the week-long event.

The whānau from Te Awamarahi aim is to ensure their future generations continue to contribute to the Koroneihana celebrations.