5G, COVID-19 and conspiracy theories

By Tapatahi

Conspiracy theories about COVID-19 have gone viral across the internet, with one in particular stating that the 5G wireless network makes people susceptible to COVID-19.

With protests across the country last week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently weighed in to assure the public that 5G is not behind COVID-19.

"I can’t state it clearly enough, I almost hesitate to speak to it on this platform, it is just not true."

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Across the United Kingdom, there are reports that 30 5G towers have suffered arson attacks or vandalism as part of a concerted campaign against the network.

To discuss how Māori are involved in spectrum developments and why conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are so prevalent, Chris Tooley, chairperson of Te Huarahi Tika Trust (Māori Spectrum Trust) and Potaua Biasiny-Tule, founder of Digital Natives Academy and Tangatawhenua.com, address the issues.