5G protest effort spoiled by lockdown regulations

By D'Angelo Martin

A nationwide protest standing against 5G was called today by a private Facebook group called Kotahitanga Movement Aotearoa No 5G.

During this protest, people were advised to continue abiding by the 2m social distancing rule as a precaution to avoid any COVID-19 spread.

Aotea Square was the rally point in Auckland, the square was heavily monitored by police as they were made aware of the gathering beforehand.

A verbal warning was given to one group who made their way to the CBD from Manurewa to support the protest.

Arthur Popata says, "A call-out was made earlier this week via social media, to congregate here at Aotea square to make a stand against 5G towers here in New Zealand. But it appears that only a few have shown up and those concerned have abided to government rules.

"We turned up for the kaupapa today to protest against 5G and were then asked to not protest and to go home."

Local enforcement have stated, "While Police recognise the lawful right to protest, people are not permitted to travel unnecessarily at the moment, except for essential travel to buy food or for medical reasons, and we would ask that people stay home to save lives." 

Popata explains, "We believe that it is hazardous to our health and to the future generation, so we're just trying to stand up now so that our tamariki don't have to."

It seems the group's efforts were cut short, but Popata says their mission was to raise awareness of the possible harm that 5G has on people, and they say it will continue without action.