7.5 magnitude quake: Warning to take care when entering workplaces

By Peata Melbourne

Warning messages about entering workplaces are being sent out by WorkSafe New Zealand following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake near Hanmer Springs early this morning. 

“Safety of you and your work colleagues must be the number one priority if you’re heading to work today in the affected areas,” says WorkSafe Chief Executive Gordon MacDonald.

Reports show there has been damage to buildings, and people are being advised to exercise good judgement to avoid injury.

“Make a careful external visual inspection of your work premises. If you see cracks or have the slightest doubt about the integrity of the building, get an expert report before you go in,” he said.

People are being strongly cautioned to take particular care entering buildings if they are aware of chemicals or other dangerous materials in the workplace, and to ensure they are protected with good safety gear before entering.

“Listen to what Civil Defence are advising and act accordingly – they’re the experts in these situations."

Experts are cautioning workers to make a careful external visual inspection of the work premises before entering, and if they see cracks or doubt the integrity of the building, to get an expert report before entering.

"Stop – look – assess – and don’t take any risks. There are professionals who can help you make your workplace safe."

Safety gear is advised if people do decide to enter the building.

The WorkSafe team can be reached on 0800 030 040