8000 crosses erected in schools for Fields of Remembrance project

By Ripeka Timutimu

A group of Titahi Bay school children are doing their part to remember fallen soldiers from WW1 by erecting white crosses on their school grounds.

The Fields of Remembrance project will see 8000 white crosses placed in schools nationwide, and the project kicked off today at Ngāti Toa school.

The white crosses are signs of death, but they live on in the future generations.

Hekia Parata's father, husband and brother were all part of the NZDF and she says there's real benefit for these children to hear stories of the past.

A former policeman, Aporo Joyce came to pay his respects to those that fought and lost their lives in world war one.

Joyce says, “I think the memory and the remembrance ceremonies that are attached to military and peacekeeping ventures are very worthwhile and our young people should be able to listen to it as much as they can.”

By the looks of things children will keep on listening and there's no doubt the memories of those who have fallen will live on in this generation.