Aboriginal tamariki step up to lead the call of their people

By Wikitōria Day

A group of Aboriginal children lead what was a peaceful protest at the Gold Coast today, opposing the Commonwealth Games. It brought together indigenous people from all over the country. 

These are the faces of the aboriginal children stepping up to lead the call of their people. 

"Stolen wealth, Stolen lives, stolen kids, that's what we're here to march about," says one protester. 

Protest organiser Ruby Wharton adds, "We're talking about treaties, we need treaties, It's time to pay for the war crimes that are continually happening here." 

While the indigenous people continue to call for the Government to acknowledge their mana, politician Pauline Hansen slammed the inclusion of aboriginal performers at the opening ceremony.

The Australian government representatives Te Kaea has reached out too are yet to provide comment on this. 

"We are the first people, we are the first law, and I wish people would appreciate that, because we appreciate any peoples that follows us,"  a protester concludes.  

While they continue to fight, they know their calls will most likely fall on deaf ears.