Abuse of Aborigines nothing new

By Te Ao Māori News

An Aboriginal leader says the abuse of young boys in Australian custody is nothing new. Kyle Slabb from the Bunkulung tribe in the Gold Coast is one of the few who isn’t shocked by the disturbing footage released on the ABC network programme, Four Corners, this week.

“First reaction is that it's not really anything new to the aboriginal community.  Over decades the inquests into deaths and custody and treatment of aboriginal people in correctional facilities is something that comes up regularly,” he said.

Mr Slabb was speaking to Maori Television’s Australian correspondent, Matai Smith.  He wasn’t sure whether a Royal Commission, called by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, would achieve anything.

“We don't want another report for this many pages and then nothing done about it, none of those objectives achieved and none of those real outcomes for people,” said Mr Slabb.

The images show boys tied to chairs, stripped and left naked in cells.

It has caused widespread condemnation across the country with many saying they feel ashamed to be Australian.