Act Party leader wants one law for all

By Harata Brown

The Act Party has come out condemning Māori and their place in law with the hope to create a special task force to identify and repeal race based laws.

The Act Leader wants to abolish the Māori electoral seats and says that Māori are legally privileged when it comes to Parliamentary Representation and the Resource Management Act.

National have made it clear they will work with the ACT Party and have made a deal for the Epsom seat, so will this affect the Māori Party's relationship with National.  

Te Ururoa Flavell, Leader of the Māori Party says they are willing to work with no matter who is the Government of the day, to be a voice at the decision making table, to be able to teach those that are ignorant towards Māori Issues. 

This is not the first of race based policies that have come out in the lead up to this years General Election. Colin Craig, leader of the Conservative Party also in recent weeks came out with their Policy One Rule for All.

7 weeks out from the General Election, the Māori Party is promising that the Māori Seats will not be abolished.