Adam Blair's experience helping keep Warriors relaxed

By James Perry

Kiwis captain Adam Blair is one of the big name recruits who arrived at the Warriors in the off-season.  While some fans are questioning the signing of the NRL veteran his experience on and off the field is helping the side remain grounded.

Sitting undefeated at the top of the table is a situation the Warriors aren't too familiar with. However coach Stephen Kearney says the experience of players like Adam Blair is helping keep the rest of the squad at ease. 
"Adam's been a great contributor to the group in that sense, all the new guys have.  I don't think I can single out just Adam, obviously Adam's in the forwards and he's had a great impact on the young forwards," says Kearney.

Blair suggests it is more a case of leading by example and staying humble that is helping keep the squad's feet on the ground.

"Pushing our younger boys and our forwards to be better in everything that they do. Be competitive in everything in skill work, be competitive in the gym.  Holding us to account. including myself. and making sure that if I'm not doing the right thing, they're pulling me up as well.

"So I guess, trying to be a normal person and not have that stature of that older guy or that guy that's been around for a long time that knows what he is talking about," says Blair.

As his focus slowly shifts to this week's NRL double header, his old school Whangarei Boys High faces off against Bream Bay College in the final of the Northland schoolboys competition which bares his name.

"I'm proud to have a cup named after me, and it's a fairly big cup too and it's exciting for me obviously I'm home now- a lot closer too- and I can kind of be a part of those things," says Blair.

The Warriors face the North Queensland Cowboys on Saturday night at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland.