Ahipara Iwi unite against deep sea oil drilling

By Te Ao Māori News

‘Stop Statoil Deep Sea Oil Drilling!’

This is the call of Northland iwi at a gathering in Shipwreck Bay, Ahipara this weekend to discuss local and national strategies on how to enforce that call.

According to Heeni Hoterini, “This is the first time the call for all of Ahipara to gather as we are fully aware of Statoil's intention for sea mining.”

Reuben Porter says, “We're really concerned that our main food source will be polluted and wasted.  Our pāua, kina, mussels and tuatua is what we have to sustain us.”  

People have gathered to hear the concerns of the elderly right through to the youth.

Many well-known NZ bands supported the event and stand of the people, next Summer, the people of Ahipara hope to put a ban on using the beaches.