Ahu - to inspire, uplift and celebrate

The blessing of a new clothing store is taking place in Rotorua tonight and it tops off a busy few weeks for the owner Adrienne Whitewood that included a show at NZ Fashion Week and the launch of her online store.

Ahu - to inspire, uplift and celebrate. Ahu is the term for Māori fashion and it's also the inspiration behind Māori fashion designer Adrienne Whitewood's new store.

Adrienne says there's a market for designer clothes in Rotorua, but it's a family-driven store which also features Māori art and weaving from local artists.

Adrienne's passion stems from her fascination with Māori art, history and traditions, and is greatly inspired by her home town of Rotorua, but her father says it's been a long journey for Adrienne who has finally made it home.

You can visit the Ahu store on Eruera Street, Rotorua, or go online at adriennewhitewood.com