Al Noor Mosque reopens to community

By Kereama Wright

Masjid Al Noor has reopened and was handed back to the Muslim community by Police. 

Seven days after terror tore through the mosque, the open doors welcome its many loyal worshippers.

For over 20 years, Lee Paul has been a part of Masjid Al Noor and its customs.

He, along with the families and friends of the 50 fallen victims have gathered here today.

"I was thinking I'd never come back to this mosque and pray again. But Allah showed me. He said, go back, that's my house," he said, "This changed my life, changed my life - Made me stronger." 

"I felt that my brothers and sisters - our martyrs, they're in a better place. They're up there and I'm left here to carry the message for them.  Be strong for them just to unite us as one people," says Paul.

The Prince of Jordan, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan also made a special visit to Masjid Al Noor today.

While the mosque gates were open, some people continued to pray outside as their raw emotions held them back from re-entering at this time.

Tomorrow a memorial service for the victims of last week's attack is scheduled to be held - this will be a significant night for Christchurch.

Waitaha kapa haka has been asked to perform a special item to help ease the burden still felt amongst the crowds.

The leaders of this mosque are also wanting to relieve Police presence next week to allow them to immerse fully into their prayers leading up to another big ceremony service next Friday.