Alien Weaponry to perform at Fringe Town Auckland

By D'Angelo Martin

Metal band Alien Weaponry has taken the world by storm with their unique combination of te reo Māori and metal. They've just returned home coming off their tour overseas and has been confirmed to play one night only at the Auckland Town Hall this weekend as part of the Fringe town Festival.

Although the band has recently just returned home, they're preparing for their next gig. But the boys say nothing beats performing in front of the people from their own country and they're excited for Saturdays show.

Lewis Raharuhi (Ngāti Pikiao) says, "We haven't played in North Island in probably a year now. So it's always good to get back into it with all the people who started it off."

One of their highlights coming off their tour was that their music had inspired other indigenous tribes to embrace their culture. They've built up quite the fan base over in other countries as well. 

"The coolest one was the Navajo Nation gig that we did at the window rock sports centre. They've got bands that are speaking Navajo and doing what we're doing but in Native America culture so that's amazing to see, six months I think we did 192 shows if I remembered correctly so yeah it was pretty much a show every two days," Henry Te Rauwhati says.

Lastly, Alien Weaponry have been putting the work in to complete their second album and they will still have a lot of elements of their Māori culture that will be showcased in some of their songs. "It's taking back the power of we got what is I guess what is a Pākeha tradition of what metal music is and slamming Māori into it and saying hell, yeah this is what we're going to do." 

"It's awesome that people are incorporating Māori into their music because it is something that is part of our history and for a long time it's been suppressed and made illegal."

The Fringe Town Festival will kick off tomorrow at Auckland Town Hall and on Saturday will end with Alien Weaponry as the closing act, with South Auckland Band Shepherds Reign, supporting them.