All-female rap cypher a first in NZ

Rotorua is set to host New Zealand's first official all-female rap cypher (group battle or freestyle session).  Sixteen women are taking part and all but two of them are Māori.

The New Zealand rap scene has been a male dominated arena, but things are changing.

Battle rap artist Jiburish says, "There's a short supply of females in the battle rap scene."

There's a movement towards diversity happening, starting with the first all female rap cypher New Zealand's ever seen.

Alecia Kana is of Waikato and Ngai Te Rangi descent and will be taking part in the rap cypher she says, "It's also a female art form, it's nice meeting women in the rap scene who express their femininity through rapping."

Jiburish says, "Nowadays it's starting to grow, we've got a lot more females participating in the battle scene here in New Zealand."

The event is being hosted by Bridge The Gap and will raise funds for an international battle.

Jiburish says "We have a special guest from America his name is Caustic and I'll be battling him."

Jiburish also says that not only are more women battling, but more Te Reo Māori is being used in rap.

"If you follow us and you see some of the videos alot of the mc's rap bilingual or in Te Reo which is different which is real cool."

The rap cypher is taking place in Rotorua tomorrow night.