American Top Team partnership will give NZ fighters exposure

The biggest feeder club into the UFC, American Top Team, today formalised a ground-breaking partnership here in New Zealand that will give New Zealand fighters international exposure into the big time.

American Top Team (ATT) is the biggest feeder club into the UFC, with 33 fighters to be exact.

It's this club that now turned its attention to New Zealand.

Steve Oliver says, “They're really excited about our gene pool down here with guys like Mark Hunt and they can see there's so much potential down here.”

World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Stever Oliver formalised the merger with the launch of American Top Team - New Zealand that will see 18 New Zealand clubs move away from Gracie Barra and will now come under the ATT banner.

It's international exposure that will propel the right fighters onto the world stage.

Steve Oliver says, “Now we’re going to have eyes on our best fighters from the biggest club in the world and if they're good enough they'll be placed in the right place, it's huge.”

Oliver says it's a merger that had to happen given the evolution of martial arts these days.

Later this year a team will be selected to head over to the opening of America Top Team's new gym, where the team will engage in seminars and valuable fighting experience.