Anadarko set for deep water drilling off Wellington coast

By Harata Brown

Last year, American Company Anadarko Petroleum was granted permits to search for oil in the Pegasus Basin off Wellington's coast.

No date is set on when Seismic surveys will commence, however Anadarko is set to begin deep water drilling off the coast of Taranaki and Canterbury for oil and gas in the summer, and the Environment Advocates are worried.

In time, Anadarko will commence seismic surveying in Pegasus Basin.

The Mana candidate for the Wellington Regional Council, Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati, says regional councils need to think about putting in place a moratorium on deep sea drilling.

Anadarko plans to start deep sea drilling off the coasts of Taranaki and Canterbury in November or December.

Environmental advocates say employment opportunities will not come out of deep sea drilling. 

The fates for Taranaki and Waitaha have already been signed off and it seems the fate for Pegasus is all but sealed.