Animal rights advocates want horse racing banned

By Aroha Mane

Animal rights advocates calling for a ban on horse racing made their presence known at Auckland's Ellerslie Boxing Day Races today. The Coalition for Protection of Racehorses says cruelty is a commonality in the sport and it should be banned completely.

Dressed for the glitz and glam of the race but carry with them a very different message.

Animal rights activists claim Auckland's biggest Boxing Day party is a disgrace that celebrates animal cruelty.

“Eighteen horses died relating to the races, the number doesn't matter one is too many. After retirement, hundred and thousands are getting killed annually,” Aya Oba says.

“If a horse breaks its leg, what happens if it injures its shoulder, you know it's too expensive to have an operation, it gets put down. It's what people don't see behind the scenes that's the problem,” Sarah Elliot says.

“They call this entertainment. But I know there is so much death involved in this because horses who are not fast, go to the slaughterhouse. Horses when they finish their career they go to the slaughterhouse and if they break a leg they go to slaughter house,” Tamara Buwich says.

“Our values, our morals, we all share very similar values. Do not murder. Does it only apply to us humans? I don't think so! It took me years to wake up and I wanna help other people to wake up too,” Kyle Samson says.

CPR has requested more transparency around the treatment of animals. We asked the Minister of Racing, Winston Peters if there would be any reforms to minimize animal cruelty but we are yet to receive a response.

This year media reported a decline in attendance at the Melbourne cup because of animal rights activists. Perhaps that is a sign of things to come, here in Aotearoa.