Annual Mangamuka Pig Hunt unites generations

The event might be pig hunting, but it also serves to bring together generations of families from the region to the annual Mangamuka Pig Hunt.

Family ties are strengthened across the board, from the young to the old, in keeping with one of the region's famous past-time activities. 

There's pig hunting, eeling, and sports, with games being played to keep the whole family entertained at the annual Mangamuka Pig Hunt.

Providing an opportunity for relatives to meet again, or even meet for the first time.

However, pig hunting is the main focus and this year's winner had a lucky find with this 64kg beauty.

The eeling competition also attracts a lot of attention.  Wiremu Hanson's 90-year-old grandmother got a good old surprise when she saw this year's winner, weighing 22 pounds.

However, underpinning all the fun and games is the knowledge that these kinds of events become less frequent as the years go by and the elders placing importance on the younger generation knowing its worth.