Another former Te Rōpū Taurima employee speaks out

updated By Te Ao Māori News
Te Rōpū Taurima o Manukau Trust

Tony Tietie former manager of Te Rōpū Taurima o Manukau spoke out on Native Affairs two weeks ago.

He came across accounts which didn't add up and went to his manager with his concerns. Tony thought he was doing the right thing, he was then fired for speaking out.

Now another former employee and the former senior accounts manager Annie Du are also speaking out. Annie Du worked at TRTOM for ten years and she had major concerns about the financial dealings of the assets department which she took to the trust management.

Annie Du was also fired for handing over invoices to Tony when he requested them. She had breached the Trusts confidentiality clause according to Te Rōpū Taurima o Manukau.

The Ministry of Health are currently conducting an audit. They have put in a forensic auditor and someone to support the board.

For more details, tune in to Native Affairs tonight at 8:30pm.