Another ring invitation for Temuera Morrison

By Tamati Tiananga

Bringing a bit of Hollywood with him, Temuera Morrison's entry made an impression at today's press conference for the Hydr8 ZERO boxing event this week. 

Famously known for his role as Jake 'The Muss' in the film Once Were Warriors, he was followed by a camera crew. Rumour is, it's for a new reality series to screen soon in NZ.

This week, Morrison will take to the ring for the second time in his life, and admits he isn't in the shape he was in when he played “Jake Heke” 20 years ago.

Morrison will now fight Boris Sokratov. Sokratov is by no means a slouch, he's just returned from Australia on a week-long training camp in preparation for this fight. 

Sokratov is a former NZ life guard champion, and his wife and son are both champions in taekwondo. He hopes to put on a show to remember, but for all those hoping to see a return of Jake 'The Muss', it's highly unlikely, but the descendant of Tamatekapua says he'll do his best.