ANZAC's build giant plastic house in Iraq for Christmas

By Bronson Perich

Task Group Taji, the ANZAC contingent had the strangest Christmas for their Iraqi trainees. Using huge, lego-like plastic bricks, TG Taji built a life-size training whare, to help the Iraqi Security Forces refine their urban warfare skills.

CPT Jonty Hooson, TG Taji IX says, "The bigger rewarding thing than that would be, to see everyone using it to upskill their ability in urban operations.

"The hardest part in building the Urban Training Facility, which is a bit like lego, is building the floor, but once we got the foundation sorted, building up, was quite a breeze."

Using plastic, as opposed to traditional bricks has unique benefits, as CPT Jonty Hooson, TG Taji IX explains.

"It's essentially a plastic modular block system, which allows us to create numerous designs, in order to meet the complexities required of training."

Strangely enough, plastic bricks actually hold up to the rigours of combat training. CPT Jeremy Duff, TG Taji VIII, explains.

"It'll have a lasting effect for the Iraqi Army, due to the shelf life of up to 10 years, which differs from the old wooden structures which had a limited lifespan."

The bricks were flown in by air to Iraq, then they were taken by truck, to the building site. The sun beat down on the workers as they assembled the bricks together.

CPT Duff recounts the grueling mahi.

"Building the training facility today, has been quite challenging. Temperatures have exceeded 46 degrees (Celcius), which is quite hotter than what we are used to back in Australia."

This plastic whare will amplify the ISF's chances of survival against Daesh insurgents.