Aotea Senior Kapa Haka Regionals - Tahu Pōtiki Mai Taranaki Mātongatonga

By Te Ao Māori News
Kawemate o Aotea

In the '60s, a Methodist group was established in Hāwera under the named given by Reverend Tahu Pōtiki (Robert) Haddon, and endorsed by Reverend Te Naapi Waaka.

An amalgamation of Pātea Weteriana and Tahupōtiki rōpū formed the group, South Taranaki.

In 2005, the group was revitalised and entered the Mana Ariki competition.

In 2010, Tahu Pōtiki Mai Taranaki Mātongatonga made their first full bid at the Aotea Regionals, and this year, they've returned stronger than ever.

They take to the stage today to utilise the gifts bestowed upon them by their kuia, Tiahuia Kahu, to honour her and those who've recently passed on, and even further back to 2012.

They also pay tribute to Ngaonepu Kahukuranui, a representative of Aotea at Te Matatini in the '80s right through to 1997.

The leaders and tutors of the group are Te Hapimana Tauke and Ngareta King, and today, the group had asked that no footage, including still images were taken of their performance.