Aotearoa exhibition revealed at Pacific Arts Festival in Guam

The New Zealand exhibit at the Pacific Arts Festival in Guam has opened with a ceremonial blessing.  The exhibition space is one of 27, specially made by locals to showcase the art forms of each delegation. 

The house of Toi. Toi-kai-rākau, Toi-te-huatahi. Toi who has united the Pacific.

“This is us. A house for Māoridom is here to showcase our treasures” says Aotearoa representative, Te Kahautu Maxwell.

For the duration of the festival, this will be the home for NZ art.

Mr. Maxwell says their involvement is all about honouring the people of the Pacific, “To welcome, uplift, celebrate and pay tribute to the people of this land.”

New Zealanders who weren’t part of the delegation were also proud to be represented. 

Angela Karini from Te Tai Rāwhiti says, “I was really happy to see them when I got here. I was looking for them but because I had arrived here earlier, I had to wait, but it's awesome.”