Apology an admission of wrong doing in relation to Tūhoe

Today's apology is an admittance by Police that the raid carried out in Ruātoki seven years ago was wrong.

The police commissioner and a contingent of officers officially apologised to the people of Tūhoe in the small rural community of Ruātoki.

On the morning of October 15 around 300 police, including the Armed Offenders Squad and Special Tactics Unit raided the sedate settlement of Ruātoki. They searched cars, homes and school buses full of children.

Although 17 people were arrested on suspicion of breaching the Terrorism Suppression Act for alleged paramilitary training activities, in the end only four people were charged with firearm possession offences.

Four of the people arrested came to trial in February to March in the year 2012, and were found guilty on firearms charges.

The cost to the taxpayer, including legal aid and prosecution, was estimated to be well over $6 million.