Aradhna's soulful sound brings warmth to City Mission

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

NZ songstress Aradhna will be giving a special performance tonight, called Neighbourhood Watch Showcase, to assist the Auckland City Mission to help the needy during the winter period. People will be able to experience the showcase by donating a blanket. 

Aucklanders will have the opportunity to hear songs from the latest album of NZ award-winning singer Aradhna, called Brown Girl, for only a blanket!

The special showcase performance will take place at Auckland central's St Matthew's City Church where the blankets will be given to Auckland City Mission to help those in need.

According to Auckland City Mission, over 220 people are sleeping rough within the wider central Auckland area. Over the last two years, Māori sleeping rough has increased from 42% to 53%.

St Matthews City Mission Church’s Rev Helen Jacobi says, “There is a need for people to come to a concert bring blankets.  We wish we were in a world where that wasn't the case but, given the crisis in homelessness in Auckland at the moment, it's a wonderful thing to be able to support the event tonight.”

A maximum of 400 people can fill the church. However, organisers MaiFM have booked pews to fit 300 people. Aradhna's new album Brown Girl will be available to purchase in-stores and online tomorrow.