Armageddon: Hey cuz, how's your cos?

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The Armageddon Expo celebrates 20 years of bringing sci-fi and cosplay to Auckland with nearly 75,000 people expected to turn out over the long weekend. 

Armageddon is back at the Auckland ASB showgrounds and more Māori are getting involved each year.

“It's such a joy to actually seeing more Māori and Pacific islanders engaging in this whole cosplay scene” says costume designer Louina Fifita.

Many hours of labour are put into these costumes, which are estimated to cost more than $500.

Māori costume designer Neil Jensen was a standout at the expo, with his version of Iron Man costume created from yoga mats.

“I'm making dreams come true and its Māori, a lot of Māori don't get out there and do it, think they can't do it, but we can” says Jensen.

Tomorrow is the last day to get a taste of Armageddon expo, and winners for the cold play will also be revealed.