ASB Polyfest: Vimahi family make $20,000

By Heeni Brown

The Vimahi family have been holding their food store at ASB Polyfest for 20 years.

They say they make a $20,000 every festival and the proceeds go toward their family's academic achievement.

Performances continue here at ASB Polyfest. With food stall holders, like the Vimahi whānau preparing for the masses at the festival.

Every year, they make $20,000 from their stall. The proceeds have helped their family excel in the world of academics.

In an emotional interview with Te Kāea, Siu's mother Vai Vimahi says the money made from the Coco-Licious and Nesian Cuisine stalls helped her to send one of her daughters to Hawaii for four years. Her daughter now works for the Ministry of Justice.

From community groups to sponsors there are over 100 stalls here. 

ASB Polyfest's event-director Theresa Howard says, "We charge around $300 - $3,500 mark and that's for the more commercial end stall holders."

One of the major sponsors of the event Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is looking to help youth who are slipping through the cracks in the education system.

Senior Marketing specialist for Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, Kahurangi Maxwell says, “We've seen youth who are at school, once they've finished on stage, they're leaving school.”

In addition to the festival, the Ministry of Health hosted a 'Fight the Fever' speech competition across the Cook Island, Samoa, Niue and Tonga stages.

Howard says "It's important that our students are encouraged to learn about very key and important message in our communities at the time and it's important for them to also engage in the home and learn about their language and have the confidence to present it to the community."