Auckland City Council set to change current alcohol laws

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The Auckland City Council had its final Local Alcohol Policy hearing today which will change the current alcohol laws in the Auckland region.

Over 2000 written submissions were received and 400 presentation were given during the nine day hearing.  Most of the recommendations were around youth consumption.

Over the last nine days, a panel of Auckland City Council commissioners heard 400 submissions.

Dr Taisia Huckle is an Alcohol Policy researcher and has been collating information for 13 years, and says Aucklanders drink more than the national average.

“Auckland has a higher proportion of heavier drinkers particularly among young people, there is a higher rate of alcohol related hospitalisation caused by alcohol and higher rate of crashes,” says Dr Huckle.

The new proposed Local Alcohol Policy would see restrictions to trading hours for some alcohol stores, bars and restaurant in parts of Ponsonby Newton and the CBD.

Dr Huckle explains, “Some of the policies that the council could implement like restricting density, restricting trading hours I think that could really help reduce harm in areas that Māori live.”

The hope is the new policy we will see a decrease in the statistics of alcohol related harm.