Auckland claim opens men's touch title

By Rahia Timutimu

Auckland has won the Open Men's title at the NZ Touch tournament for the last two years and this year they were aiming for their third.

Xavier Horan got the first try of the match for Auckland.  Joshua Mana scored the second try for Auckland one minute later. There were no defenders on the right wing, handing Counties their first try.

Wiremu Neho snuck under the Counties defence to score.

 Counties found a break, coming back to score one of their own, Auckland answered with another try to lead 4-2 at half-time.

In the second half, both teams scored twice, one after another, showing the title was up for grabs. Counties needed two tries to even the score. Their first was scored by Cody Mahuika.

Come full-time, scores were at 6-all, taking the game into extra time.

The first team to score a touchdown wins the match, once both teams have had possession. It was a breeze for Auckland easily scoring their first try.

Counties Manukau needed to score but didn't, Auckland winning 7-6.