Auckland Mission ringawera to feed 1,600 for Christmas

By Mare Haimona-Riki

With Christmas only a day away, workers form the Auckland City Mission are finalising the preparation to feed almost 2,000 people tomorrow at The Cloud on Queens Road, Auckland. The meal will cater to those who may go without food and company, otherwise. 

“They may be homeless or living in poverty and unable to afford to have their Christmas meal at home. They may be elderly or alone and have nowhere else to go. Whatever their circumstances, the Mission welcomes them on Christmas Day to share a meal and company,” says Auckland Mission CEO, Chris Farley. 

Around 500 volunteers will help to prepare and host the lunch for 1,600 guests.  On the menu this year are; 300 kg of ham, 1,600 chicken drumsticks, and 300 kg of potatoes, while jelly and ice cream will be a welcome treat for dessert.

Message from Auckland City Missioner, Chris Farrelly. Source / Facebook

Mr. Farrelly says Christmas is the Mission’s busiest time of the year. “The Mission has been distributing 8000 food parcels and 40,000 children’s gifts to families in desperate need over the past two weeks.

“In many cases, the presents we have been handing out will be the only gifts some children receive this Christmas. We passionately feel no child should miss out.”

Combining with local communities, Auckland Mission have provided thousands of parcels to impoverished families over the past 2 weeks. Source / File

The Mission’s Christmas lunch will be held at The Cloud on Queen’s Wharf and doors will open at 11.30 am on Christmas Day.  Entertainment is provided until lunch is served at 12.30 pm, and every guest will receive a gift before going home.