Aucklander’s prepare for Cyclone Pam’s arrival

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Following the devastation caused by tropical Cyclone Pam in the Pacific which claimed the lives of eight people and 44 expected to be dead,  Aucklander's aren't taking any chances as Cyclone Pam approaches NZ shores.

Cyclone Pam has been downgraded to category four as it makes its way to NZ.  MetService has issued a severe warning for winds reaching up to 120km/hr.

With the cyclone expected to hit Auckland tonight, some Auckland boat owners have gone the extra mile in securing their boats for Pam’s approach.

Some residents have begun seeking safer areas during the storm.

One Auckland resident says, “We’ve got some friends in Titirangi and we will go there and then head out to New Plymouth.”

MetService is urging the public to be cautious of power outages up and down the East Coast of the North Island, and to stock up on supplies if the weather gets worse.