Aussies dominate Trans-Tasman Touch Series

By Ruth Smith

As the rain pelted down, two titan sides clashed on the field.

"To be here on day three, playing off for an actual series is really exciting.  I'm proud of our crew.  We have worked really hard,” says New Zealand mixed co-captain, Tina Ashowrth.

The rain may have soaked the fields, but spirits were not dampened even with the loss from NZ's mixed team to Australia.

"The conditions- it was fun.  It did slow the game down but it was a great game.  We came with a lot of passion.  We grinded.  We stayed in the game right until those last ten minutes, where Aussie took it away from us," says Ashworth.

The men's open final was nail-biter with a 4-4 draw, pushing the game into extra time with the Australians scoring and winning the series. 

"They're a class team.  They've been world champions year in-year out now and they proved that when the going got tough," says Mita Graham, captain of the NZ men’s side.

Although it was an Australian blowout, winning all three sections, the NZ teams are looking to come back at the Touch Rugby World Cup in Malaysia next year.

"We know that this is just a part of that preparation.  We've got lots of work to do.  We'll spend a lot of time together.  But we're on the right track," says Ashwood, "We've come folds away from where we've been in the past.  We've got the right people to do it- we've got the right structures in place”. 

"We've proven that we can match with the best in the world,” adds Graham.

The open women’s final was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.