Awanui Black's brother speaks out against pedophilia allegations

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

A family member of Awanui Black has spoken out against allegations claiming he was involved in child sex abuse and a pedophilia ring. The claims were made by Awanui’s former wife Ani Black, almost two years after his death, which have not yet been proven, nor has any witnesses supported her claims.

“My brother as far as I'm concerned and my whānau is innocent,” said elder brother Mark Black.

“He does not lie in the ground without a voice. He has a voice - and that voice is me as a brother, and his whānau is behind me as well on this.”

The allegations were posted on Facebook, which now has been removed. Mark says it’s been an avalanche for the whānau.

“It's beyond anything you can do. Or you do is wait till it stops and try and figure out at the end of the day when it's all finished to pick up the pieces.”

Other people have been named in these accusations, but the whānau are adamant that the brother is innocent until proven guilty

“If it's proven to be wrong that my brother did do these horrible heinous things, then we shall back Anihera and everybody else that has come forward cause that is not who we are.”

The Police investigation into the matter continues.