B-Girls take Māori flavour to breakdance stage

By Te Ao Māori News

Two Māori breakdancers are set to impress the judges with a twist of Māori culture at the Red Rat Battle of the Year International Pacific Qualifier, which starts tomorrow in South Auckland.

Dancers of the underground culture will take centre stage tomorrow.

NZ B-Girl dancer Awatea Christensen says, “We've got matching T-shirts and our colours are red, white and black and it's what I wear in kapa haka. I'm wearing my name Awatea so I'm bringing some of the languages.”

The pair will battle it out in front of 50 other break dancers from 15 different countries around the Pacific, each bringing their own style.

Judge Taupuhi Toki says, “I love seeing a B-Boy and B-Girl with musicality, for myself I love to dance I love like to see them really enjoying themselves. If it's a crew battle and as we all know like Rock Steady and the New York City Breakers.”

Christensen is no stranger to the game, she currently holds the NZ B-Girl Championship title, and she expects to bring a touch of kapa haka to the stage.

“When I put together top rocks which is standing part of the dance, I think about some of the foot movements and some the strength of how we perform,” says Christensen.

Candace Ama has been thrown into a last minute panic after her dance partner pulled out on the eve of competition.

“It is nerve-racking as most competitions are, but I'm willing to take on the challenge if I do have a partner, but if I don't, then that's okay I'll support Awa and the rest of the competitors that are competing,” says Ama.

One B-Boy and 2 B-Girl dancers will be picked from the one-day event to represent New Zealand at The Battle of the Year World Finals in Germany in October.