‘Battle of Te Ranga’ commemoration of Māori land wars

By Harata Brown

Yesterday the last major battle commemoration of the Māori Land Wars within the Waikato and Tauranga region took place. It was the commemoration for the Battle of Te Ranga.

Historical accounts recall that 600 British troops, under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Greer set out on Te Ranga where many Māori were found digging trenches.

The battle has been called a 'payback', after British sought vengeance for their humiliation at the Battle of Gate Pā beforehand.

More than 100 Māori lives were lost due to the Battle of Te Ranga, with 13 casualties on the British side.

The call of welcome to Te Ranga saw many arrive to commemorate the dead, to remember the confiscation of land as well as to reflect on how far the people of Tauranga-Moana have come since the Battle of Te Ranga.