Beached whale buried

The sea uncovers itself and its progeny.

Blood from the established one, the provoked one, soaks the tide at Paraparaumu Beach as Department of Conservation extracts its precious ivory.

The earth sobs, the sky sobs, the breeze is eddying.

It's firm and lasting, and the sea-god's pinions screen the ocean.

It's reported that the male whale died out at sea before washing up onshore Wednesday morning.

It's believed to be a great old whale, 15m long, 40 tonnes in weight and approximately 60 years old.

It is certainly a chiefly arrival. 

As with other whales beached here over the years, the local tribe has given a name to this sperm whale - Te Uruhi. 

As night falls, there's still a lot of work to be done.  As the tide came in, it made it difficult to continue. 

The remains were buried south of the shore, and access is restricted for health reasons. 

Reporter:  Piripi Taylor