Beatbox marathon for KidsCan

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

A world beatboxing champion is using his skills to help KidsCan. King Homeboy is busking for 100 days and nights and it's all in the name of vulnerable children.

King Homeboy is a big man with a big cause.

“I'm six-time New Zealand beat box champion, been to the world beat boxing championship twice in Berlin. I hold the world record for the longest individual beat boxing individual marathon that's 36 hours. I have over 10million hits on YouTube. Fourth most influential beat boxer in the world.”

King Homeboy is now using his talent to raise money for KidsCan, spending 100 days and nights basking on Auckland's Queen St.

“You don't see the All Blacks not having a rugby game because it's raining, or you don’t see superman flying away because it's raining. So just because it's raining doesn't mean I will stop.”

KidsCan is a charity supporting low decile schools. 45.5% of the children they help are Māori. Founder Julie Chapman says they need all the help they can get.

“It's about ordinary people that believe in the course and believe that our children shouldn't be going home, hungry, shouldn't be going without the basics.”

King Homeboy will give all the proceeds he makes on the street to KidsCan. He's at day 48 and has already raised $4000.

“I think King Homeboy is awesome, I love what he's doing and I think it show an immense amount of Aroha for our children.”

King Homeboy aims to raise $10,000 by March, when his 100 days and nights challenge finishes.