The big clean up in Tologa Bay

By Tema Hemi

The Gisborne Council and forestry representatives met with locals of Tologa Bay to discuss a cleanup strategy.

Locals are disappointed in the lack of commitment from the forestry industry to put money forward to help with the cleanup.

Still, the question remains- will this type of flooding happen again in Tologa Bay?

The worst may be over but it's what remains and will it happen again which is causing a storm now.   

It's a problem that has Ngāti Hauiti seeking answers from forestry representatives.

Ngāti Hauiti representative Victor Walker says, "Let's all sit together so we know what that one is doing, and what the companies and council are doing, and also farmers and the local community.  That is what's missing at this time, there is no representation from the forestry companies at the discussion table with iwi."

And the debris from the forestry is desecrating the spiritual essence of the Waiapu river.

"The waters which I'm talking about are spiritual waters for us of this community," says Walker.

But will the community who are hoping for solutions get an answer soon?

Nadine Thatcher-Swann of the Gisborne City Council says, "They want answers but at the moment we're in an investigation and we can't talk about everything.  But they want to know what's happening and what's the plan ahead and we've got to do something about that."

However, the investigation into this latest catastrophe on the East Coast isn't due back for another three months.

In the meantime, all the community can do is wait and hope another storm doesn't hit the region.