Big promises made at Internet-MANA election campaign launch

Internet-MANA has launched their election campaign today for next month's general elections. 

Despite the MANA leader arriving towards the end of the launch itself due to rest needed from his recent car crash, the Internet-MANA launch carried on and its tone was similar to a Pentecostal Church on a Sunday.

Internet party leader, Laila Harré made firm election promises stating 100% employment for all NZers by utilising ACC excess funds as the way to fund it.  

MANA deputy leader, Annette Sykes stepped in to announce its policies.  Rolling out MANA policy priorities, tackling poverty at the fore with solutions such as free breakfasts and lunches to kids at school, and getting rid of charter schools, with a stronger emphasis on total-immersion Māori schools.

However, if their policies are to see the light of day in any way, they are going to need to make friends with the two big parties which will be their biggest challenge yet.